Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kelleigh's Introduction*

Yes, that's right, my name has an unusual amount of letters to simply spell the name "Kelly" but I love it! I am a Florida Native with a strong, and I mean strong love for New York City. I spent two years of my life there and I cannot wait to live there again. For now at least, it's my favorite place to visit. I look young and I sound young, but I am not as young as I sound or look ;-) Twenties.

I love beauty products! Why? Because I just do. I sat here for a few minutes pondering how I could formulate a sentence that describes my passion for beauty products, but I just couldn't. I had too much to say..I am not a gal who cakes on the make-up to cover up the true beauty. I love products that help keep the skin clean, the ones that emphasize the color of your eye, the hue on your cheeks, and the glisten on your lips.

I am an everyday woman trying to find the products that work. We're all different. We're all diverse in our needs for make-up, hair products, perfumes, lotions, and more..but that's the point of blogs like these..to give you the answers that you just may be looking for. I know that I occasionally impulse buy (um, who doesn't?) but I also search for product reviews. I rather know from reading a review that an eyeshadow isn't actually as pigmented as it looks, or that a certain foundation dries up so quickly before I spend my dough! You get the point!

With everything said, I look forward to sharing my experiences and advice with you :)

-Kelleigh <3


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!! You've got a follower in me! :)

  2. Thank you for the introduction! <3 you!