Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Five random things*

1.    Next on my list of things I must do is travel to Europe.  It is all I can think about lately.  I want to visit (in no particular order) Paris, Munich, Athens, Madrid, Denmark and Zurich.  I have discovered this deep love that I have for traveling this past year and next on my to-do list is to explore Europe.  What are your favorite travel destinations?

2.     Eyeshadow primer is a must have.  Whether you are wearing a neutral eye look or plan on creating a dramatic smoky eye, an eyelid primer should be an essential part of every girls morning makeup routine.  And no, all primers are not created equal. 

3.     Eating healthy is essential in feeling your best.  Try it! About two years ago I switched to whole grains, mostly organic, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, it has made a huge impact in the way I feel about food.  I try to avoid processed food (except for macaroni & cheese) and definitely do not drink soda.  You’ll feel better and look better, guaranteed.  

4.     One thing I struggle with but honestly try to do is keep a nice manicure at all times.  I try to mix it up with fun colors but sometimes get too busy to keep them perfectly polished all the time.  I just purchased a new Spring light minty green shade that I am in love with and cannot wait to try.

5.     I would rather wear cute shoes than be comfortable.  I do not mind if my feet hurt a little at the end of the day if my shoes looked good with my outfit.  Sometimes shoes are too cute to pass up even if they are no bueno on my feet.

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